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Hello and welcome to EbzHaven! I will try to keep it interesting. It is mostly just an exercise in web design so don't expect too much. This site is intended to be an interesting and quick place to visit, not a place to watch huge graphics download. Everything here is born out of my messed up brain so proceed at your own risk...

Feel free to drop me a friendly Email with your comments or suggestions.

Current Entertainment

Podcast Obsessions
Top Five Podcast
Geek Nights
Geek History Lesson
Levar Burton Reads
Body Stuff

Video Obsessions
Doom Patrol
Station Eleven
New Girl

Recent Movies Seen
Metal Lords [Rating: B+]

Recent Game Play
Gloomhaven (Board/Steam) [Rating: A+++]
Terraforming Mars (iOS)
Slay The Spire (Steam)
One Deck Dungeon (Steam/iOS)
The Crew Search For Planet Nine (Board)
Roll Player Adventures [Rating: A+] (Board)

Current Reading
The City We Became

Recent Books Finished
Odd And The Frost Giants [Rating: B]

Last Big Outings:
Key West, FL

What's New With Me?
Enjoying spending time with my amazing two-year old grandson and brand new granddaughter!

Mary Rooks: "Sometimes all you can do is just try to avoid the big piles..."
- Good life advice found on our Towpath bike ride through a heavily Geese infested area.

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